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Bend Pill Box was an online pharmacy established in 1973. Our store has been a member of the Central Oregon community. Our main specialization was healthcare services namely the sale of the Indian generics. Since 2016, Bend Pill Box and My Canadian Pharmacy have merged. As a result of such a cooperation, Bend Pill Box was rebranded into well-known generic drug distributor.

Bend Pill Box Pharmacy has been helping customers find the drug at the lowest prices online delivered to every corner of the world. Our online pharmacy differs from other stores due to high-quality generics produced by licensed Indian pharmaceutical companies. The second aspect making us different from other services is reasonable prices. So that, many customers have a logic question whether it is possible to save money when buying drugs from our shop. The answer is given in the next unit.

Is It Possible to Save Money with My Canadian Pharmacy?

All the expensive brand-name drugs have cheap counterparts known as generics. The composition of such drugs is almost similar to brand medications. Of course, if the doctor prescribes branded medications, be sure to follow his recommendations. But if it is proven that the generic is just as effective as the branded is, it is reasonable to buy this drug for the treatment.

There are some tricks that will help save on drugs but not on health. You do not need to call the hotline and find out how much the prescribed drug costs at pharmacies and choose the one with the lowest prices. Just visit the website to purchase the drug at a relatively low price. As a result, My Canadian Pharmacy is the exact place where every customer is eligible to buy drugs online and reduce the expenses. The privacy policy is arranged in the way to make the shopping affordable for both parties. The prices are reduced not due to low quality but due to the origin of the medications. The other causes why it is possible to save money using our website are:

  • we do not need extensive staff;
  • our pharmacy does not spend money on the rental of commercial spaces;
  • low purchasing prices from direct drug manufacturers;
  • the minimum extra margin on drugs;
  • no spending of huge funds on advertising;
  • a large number of high-quality generics.

Pros and Cons of Buying Drugs

There are the following pros when buying online drugs from this service:

  • low prices;
  • rich catalog;
  • arranging an order directly from home;
  • anonymity;
  • large selection of payment options;
  • reliable, international delivery;
  • bonuses and discounts;
  • professional assistance.

There are the cons of shopping online but they are not enormous:

  • the inability to deliver an order on the same day;
  • a large number of fake sites.

Nowadays, there are too many fake websites offering counterfeit medications but our website is an official drugstore of My Canadian Pharmacy. You may trust in the service we offer and provide to our customers. Their health is above all things for us.

Reliable Canadian Pharmacies with High-Quality Drugs

Our company releases the report confirming the reliability of such Pharmacies. There is a confirmed fact that online pharmacies offer and ensure safe medications at lower prices. We have assessed more than 100 websites with the note “Canadian” and have defined that 65% of such pharmacies are reliable buying quality generic medications.

Such Pharmacies do not hide the country of origin. The majority of medications sold are produced by Indian drug manufacturers. The generics may be used in the therapies on the same regimen as brand-name drugs because the generics’ effect is confirmed by clinical trials. For example, each branded drug has an analog. The price for generics is lower due to the absence of the extra expenses for in-depth clinical trials and advertising. Moreover, more and more pharmacists offer customers to buy an analog to save money. This table proves the aspect of price affordability of generics:

Branded ProductsGenericsPrice for a Brand/Generic Pill
Brand ViagraViagra (Sildenafil Citrate)$3.96/$0.90
Brand CiaisCialis (Tadalafil)$3.21/$1.77
Brand LevitraLevitra (Vardenafil)$4.07/$1.68

Moreover, Canada’s National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities constantly conduct the verification programs which are devoted to specifying legal online services. All the generics are certified and produced in accordance with the requirements for using premises and following the storage conditions.

On the other side, there are other 35% of stores with counterfeit medications. Not to be involved in such illegal business it is very important to get all the details about the pharmacy you are going to work with. If you collect all the possible information you may make up a decision whether this service is reliable enough.

Considering all this, consumers must be very attentive because the Internet is a source of illegal business. If the user is skilled he won’t come across with the problems of buying drugs online.


How to order from bendpillbox.com?

The ordering procedure at Bend Pill Box is simple. The chosen medication from an online catalog is placed in a shopping cart. Look at the shopping cart very attentively to check the order details (strength of the medication and its quantity, the delivery fee and possible shipping options). Then, it is necessary to submit an order and fill in the personal data. The order confirmation email will be sent when your credit carв is successfully accepted and debited.

Does drugstore sell only Canadian medications or are drugs from other countries as well sold?

We predominantly deliver drugs from our Canadian partners. But there are cases when it is more reasonable to ship ordered medications from other countries where these medications are approved and certified. We have cooperated with the dispensing centers located in various countries of the world. For example, if a customer makes an order from Cyprus it is more reasonable to reduce the delivery time to ship meds from our affiliate partner’s office.

What is the difference between brand and generic drugs?

The main difference between branded medications and their analogs is the price. The brand meds cost considerably higher in comparison with the generics. It is a proven clinical fact that brand and generic medications are therapeutically and chemically equivalent. For generic drugs to meet the main patent requirements should be similar to brand-name drugs in active ingredient, strength, form, and mode of application. The main difference between branded and generics lies in the appearance. Generics may differ in form, shape, color and imprints on the pills. Other differences are not accepted.

Is it safe to take generics?

Yes, it is. It is absolutely safe to take generics because they are equivalents to the brand version of the product. There is no scientific evidence that generics provoke the health worsening. The only difference among branded and generic drugs is the price and appearance. Finally, if you can buy the medication at the lower price but with the same effect what would you do? You won’t put your health at risk if you buy generics.

Is there the return policy of medications?

According to the law regulations, medications are returnable. If you pay for an order you are not eligible to return it back. Before buying the medications online should get acquainted with the laws under which the online pharmacies work. Even the pharmacist in the conventional drugstore won’t accept medication bought a certain period of time.

Will you accept my current insurance?

Unfortunately, we won’t accept your current insurance. There are the following payment options accepted: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, American Express, Diners Club. These are different variants of credit cards’ payment options. If there are some changes in the possible payment options you are welcome to visit the checkout page where this mention will be specified.

Do you ship to countries other than the United States?

An international delivery is offered. For us, there is no destination. We will bring the parcels in Indonesia or Australia. There is no increased fee for remote distances. All the customers are equal. We strive to provide an outstanding service for the customers living all over the world.

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